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C Chord for the Ukulele

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C Chord ukulele

The C chord is one of the first chords the beginning ukulele student learns. As shown in the fingering diagram to the left, the C chord is made by simply holding the 1st string down on the 3rd fret. The C major chord is made up of the notes C, E, and G. You’ll notice in this case two C notes are being played when the ukulele is strummed. This diagram is for ukuleles using standard tuning. (GCEA)

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Every chord has its own characteristic or personality. In 1806 the composer Christian Schuber wrote about the quality of different chords. Of the C chord he wrote, “Completely Pure. Its character is: innocence, simplicity, naïvety, children’s talk.” The C major chord has a clean sound and a quality of simplicity.

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Many popular songs were written in the key of C major. “Let it Be” by the Beatles, “You’re my Best Friend” by Queen, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John, and many others.

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Learning to play the ukulele involves much more than just knowing a list of chords. There are also strumming patterns, finger positions, holding the ukulele correctly, etc. Having someone show you how to play can be a game-changerHaving a knowledgeable mentor or instructor is the fastest way to improve your skills and boost your confidence. Self-taught musicians tend to form bad habits and techniques that prove difficult to break or can actually impede their growth as a musician.

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